About Today Mail News

Today Mail News , our mission is to provide unfiltered, unbiased, fact-based news blog that empowers rather than unsettles. Unapologetically impartial, we believe all views matter, and we actively resist the temptation to bait clicks or views through bias, outrage, or sensationalism.

By staying true to facts but giving voice to many opinions, we provide our audiences with the resources they need to make up their own mind—or perhaps even change it. By focusing on facts, ideas, and solutions, our journalists cultivate clarity, empathy, and integrity.

Today Mail News was born out of a will to create a strong independent United State news channel. As the only international news media with a US perspective, Today Mail News is where the world turns to hear what US has to say. We’ve been providing independent news without favour or bias .

Today, more than ever, our Today Mail News DNA is at the heart of all our operations. Today Mail News reports live every day from across United State and the world, delivering unrivalled coverage of US affairs, benefiting from a multicultural and multilingual newsroom, and correspondents across the continent with unmatched United State expertise.

Our identity is uniquely Today Mail News, yet our coverage is uniquely diverse. We run a global newsroom that includes around 400 journalists from 30 different countries. Our 15 languages cover  world news 24/7 in Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish, with bureaus in Brussels, Athens and Budapest, and a network of correspondents in all major  cities.

This multi-language news model enables us to bring truly global perspectives to local audiences, giving them access to new voices and viewpoints in their own language.

Our diversity extends to our platform: beyond live news, we provide audiences with a wide array of factual programming on business, technology, science, climate, and lifestyle, as well as arts and entertainment, including cinema, travel and culture.

Today Mail News also offers its expertise worldwide: in United State with its affiliates channels Today Mail News Georgia, Today Mail News Albania, Today Mail News Serbia, Today Mail News Romania.